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The Test Of Time, Pt. 1


  • Kasper Winding – Stories To Tell 0:51
  • Kasper Winding – A Trick Or Two 2:29
  • Kasper Winding – Life Will Never Be The Same 3:12
  • Kasper Winding & Selma Judith – Gotta Get Up 3:15
  • Kasper Winding – In The Pool Of Love 3:36
  • Kasper Winding – Liver er smukt 3:43
  • Kasper Winding – Let Me Rest Here Tonight 3:12
  • Kasper Winding – I Love You I Love You 2:14
  • Kasper Winding – Autumn Is Here (And It Feels Alright) 3:16
  • Kasper Winding & Pablo Winding – What Is Your Wish 3:07
  • Kasper Winding, Thomas Blachman & Jacob Andersen – Get Up And Move (The Ballad Of Disco Jim) 3:28
  • Kasper Winding & Mads Langer – I Will Be There 3:24
  • Kasper Winding – If I …. 2:51
  • Kasper Winding – All On My Own 2:31
  • Kasper Winding & Oh Land – The Test Of Time 3:44
"I HEAR YOU, I SEE YOU, is my new single, out July 23rd.

A song that lyrically is a letter to my younger self and at the same time a letter to my children. When you're facing life and can't always see how to navigate through it. And how your worries sometimes quickly becomes trivial. "This too shall pass.”
That it turned out to be a disco song was out of my hands, it just had to be that way.

So let go, go with the flow and enjoy the ride."