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The story behind HOPE

The idea for House of Peace came at a dinner party. Four friends, Alexander Kølpin, Kasper Winding, Michael Eide and Morten Langebæk, wanted to join forces in a quest with a goal and vision that was bigger than them. They dreamed of peace and of creating a place for peace. The private institution House of Peace (HOPE) was founded in 2003, since then, HOPE has been working on the creation of a monumental building, a symbol of peace, located in Copenhagen’s harbour. The realisation of House of Peace will be the fruit of a small seed planted in 2003. At HOPE, we dream that this small seed will spread ideas and reflections among all the people who will visit House of Peace. “Give peace a chance.” 
In 2013 a design competition was carried out. The winning proposal was The Cloud, from Japanese architect Junya Ishigami and Svendborg Architects.
"I HEAR YOU, I SEE YOU, is my new single, out July 23rd.

A song that lyrically is a letter to my younger self and at the same time a letter to my children. When you're facing life and can't always see how to navigate through it. And how your worries sometimes quickly becomes trivial. "This too shall pass.”
That it turned out to be a disco song was out of my hands, it just had to be that way.

So let go, go with the flow and enjoy the ride."